Ground Rules for Mediation There will be no shouting, no name calling, no personal attacks (physical or verbal). There will no use of abusive or un-civil words. One speaks, all others listen. The other person will not interrupt. Please address all conversation to the mediator. Please respect everyone’s time and be always available at the designated time. Please confirm that you have the ultimate decision- making authority. There will be no usage of mobile phones or any other recording devices. All electronic devices such as Mobiles phones will be switched off and deposited for safe keeping. Please seek mediation in good faith. If you want your lawyer/ friend/family member/confidant to be present during the session, please seek prior permission of the mediator. If you have any medical issues or special accessibility requirements, please intimate them well in advance.

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Avinash Gupta

I have worked with the Seek Mediation team for quite a while. They have always far exceeded my expectations. Simply put, they are a world class outfit.


We just cannot believe it.  Our family dispute had been lingering for the last one decade. Got resolved in four sessions!

I J Sikand

I have worked with mediation consultants before, but I have never seen a group which is so dedicated and committed to their cause. Very professional indeed.


I never knew disputes could be resolved so easily and economically. At the end of the day, it was win-win for all of us.

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