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Cost of mediation works out to be fraction of litigation costs.

At ‘Seek Mediation’, the cost of mediation is Rs 5000/- plus GST each session per person. for all general purpose issues A typical mediation session is usually for two hours. Whilst there is no fixed number of sessions, we find the average is as follows:


Commercial/ Financial / Property matters: 3-5 sessions


Domestic Issues: 2 sessions


Divorce Issues: 2-3 sessions


Union-Management Issues: 3-5 sessions

Fees for mediation sessions can be paid in advance but definitely prior to commencement of the mediation meeting by cash or debit/credit card. If a session is postponed for any reason, any advance paid will be adjusted towards the revised session.

The mediation consultancy will be provided at a mutually convenient location. Administrative charges towards hiring or usage of the facility will be split between the two parties.

Time spent towards site visits for better appreciation of the issue will be counted towards the session timing.

Additional charges apply for preparing a detailed summary and preparing a draft agreement but usually this will not exceed one session of work. If the agreement is complex and requires the assistance/services of a specialist lawyer for drafting, the cost will have to be mutually shared by the parties.

Note: For complex, high value conflicts involving multiple parties, mediation charges will differ. A formal quote may please be obtained for the same after initial discussions.

CSR: As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility, we offer free mediation services for people who cannot afford mediation. The same can be indicated in the Contact email form. CSR cases will be accommodated on availability of vacant sessions. Only basic administrative charges, if any, will be charged. If you have availed our paid services, you can recommend one case for ‘free of cost’ resolution in the CSR category in the same year.

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Avinash Gupta

I have worked with the Seek Mediation team for quite a while. They have always far exceeded my expectations. Simply put, they are a world class outfit.


We just cannot believe it.  Our family dispute had been lingering for the last one decade. Got resolved in four sessions!

I J Sikand

I have worked with mediation consultants before, but I have never seen a group which is so dedicated and committed to their cause. Very professional indeed.


I never knew disputes could be resolved so easily and economically. At the end of the day, it was win-win for all of us.

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