Rejoice my Countrymen!

June 4, 2024by Rajeev Hora0

Coalitions may be criticized for sluggishness but also reflect best-possible convergence of mandates.

What an amazing democracy and what an astonishing election result! A day before the D-Day, no punter could have predicted this outcome.

The RP (Ruling Party) was supposed to have crossed 400 but are gasping short of even 300. Without a doubt, there will be a coalition government. Regional parties which are part of the coalition will provide the required oxygen.

The RP is celebrating that they have not lost and the OP (Opposition parties) are celebrating that they have not performed as badly as they were originally supposed to have. The victory feels like a defeat and the defeat vice versa. There is a real victory and there is a moral defeat, so uniquely blended.

I ponder over the key messages that this election has sent across so emphatically:

Coalitions may be criticized for sluggishness but also reflect best-possible convergence of mandates. Never has a coalition been so warmly welcomed.

The electorate at large does not encourage divisive politics. People are naturally good at heart and want a healthy social fabric.

The unheard scream of the populace is that ‘Don’t take us for granted’. Arrogance will always be appropriately negated in the long run. A large number of citizens may not be literate but are politically very savvy.

India is a land of ‘freedom of thought’. Eventually, our thoughts will not be subverted.

The nation desperately wants a strong opposition. That is what will provide the required checks and balances.

The country is not in favour of major constitutional changes at this point of time. Notwithstanding some inadequacies, this displays the intrinsic strength of our constitution.

Media bluster cannot put balm on real-time blisters. Social media campaigns can be extremely misleading at times.

Regional issues and survival challenges will always take priority. ‘Roti, Kapada aur Makaan’ matter.

Unemployment and agrarian distress are real issues. The energy of the youth needs to be tapped urgently to address their insecurities.

Every vote counts and every vote matters.

Sincerity, delivery and genuity of intent will always be rewarded.

The spirit to serve must replace the will to rule.

Every aspiring party will have to listen very carefully in the future to the voices coming from the grassroot levels.

This result will undoubtedly lead to better governance in the times to come.

Rejoice and be proud my countrymen, your vibrant Democracy has won!

Celebrating an ultimate win-win,
Horax (Casper)

First published at on 04/06/24

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