The Perfect Match

October 4, 2021by Rajeev Hora0

‘The Perfect Match’

 “There was this guy who went to the marriage bureau to find a girl as a life partner. The bureau was housed in a ten-storey building. As he entered the foyer on the ground floor, there was a notice on a prominent door, “If you want a beautiful wife, please climb to the next floor, otherwise enter this door”. Without any hesitation, our man climbed to the first floor. Only to find himself encountering a similar notice, “ If you want an educated wife, please climb to the next floor, otherwise enter this door.” And so on and so forth, our man kept making the best of choices on every floor and continued to climb in his endeavour to find his perfect partner. Finally reaching the top floor in exhaustion, he finds the last door with a notice, “ Congratulations! Please open, the wife of your dreams is beyond this door.” With great expectancy, he opens the door, only to find a big mirror with a notice at the bottom, “ You idiot,  you expect everything from your wife, but have you ever looked at your own self in the mirror? Try again!”

 The joke was definitely pretty stale but Vishy let out such a loud guffaw at his own joke related in chaste Punjabi that everyone present had no choice but to join in the gregarious laughter. The stag ‘Class of 2009’ get-together had brought the lads together after a span of almost 12 years since leaving school. Vishy had done very well for himself in the corporate world and so also his set of three friends, ‘The Inseparables’ as they used to call themselves,  once upon a time. Rohit had moved into IT, Rocky had become a chemical engineer and Shaukat was running his family manufacturing business.

While each one had a story to tell, it was Vishy’s marriage a couple of years back which everyone had found intriguing. Vishy had scraped through with his wedding event just around the onset of the pandemic and thus none of his friends could attend the ceremony. The curiosity part was that Vishy with his handsome personality, pay package and family background was at that time considered the “perfect catch”. And yet he had gone ahead and married Anusha, who was a physically challenged, double amputee girl.

“Tell us Vishy, where and when did you first meet her?” queried Rohit rather impatiently.

“Well it was almost three years back when I was attending a senior management course in Gurgaon for dealing with American clients. Anusha had come over as a visiting faculty for Language Proficiency and had taken our classes for about a week. For some reason, I used to earnestly or probably desperately look forward to her sessions.”

“And then?” butted in Shaukat.

“Observing her everyday for such an extended period, I instinctively knew that she was the girl for me. I found her extremely intelligent, caring and loving. And not to mention, forgiving! In spite of her physical challenges, she was fiercely independent and easily managed her way around with her artificial feet and crutches In fact, I felt she was indeed special and everything that I ever wanted in a life partner”.

“But when did you people started going around?” queried Rocky. “Well Rocky, it was not the classic affair as one would like to believe. By the end of the week, I met her outside the classroom and shockingly for her, I cheekily proposed to her”, said Vishy.

“Buzz off, no way!” was Anusha’s immediate response and frankly her chide was not quite unexpected.

“But you guys know me” continued Vishy with his story, “I don’t give up easily in life. I wooed her for over a year and she finally relented. As she tells me now, she took her time to give her assent as her special needs are not easy for people to understand and come to terms with. And of course, she did not want to get into a relationship borne out of impulsive sympathy. Like everyone else, she also wanted to marry for love but just could not afford a bad choice.”

“Sorry for asking Vishy and I don’t want to be sounding rude,” inquisitively asked Rohit, “But did you not ever feel that her physical restraints might become an impediment to a normal married life at a certain stage in life? Why did you choose her in spite of her limitations?”

“No, no, perfectly valid question Rohit,” Vishy put him at ease. “Difficult to explain but lemme use an analogy I picked up from my late father. He used to say that decision-making when confronted with multiple variables is like picking a bag of potatoes from the super store. No bag is perfect as each bag has a mix of good, average and ‘not-so-good’ potatoes. Finally, you pick and accept the one which you feel has the most number of good potatoes and the least of the bad ones. Intuitive and subjective probability modelling I guess.”

Continued Vishy “I don’t want to be insensitive and insulting to Anusha by using this comparison. But in our case, I found her virtues and merits far outweighing her physical limitations.  In fact, I am quite sure that she also must have gone through a similar dilemma. Am I not a man with a short fuze and many other inadequacies and imperfections that she has accepted?”

“And how goes it today? Do you feel that you made the right call?” asked Shaukat who had been patiently listening all this while.

“My best decision ever in my life without a doubt,” replied Vishy, “Cheesy it may sound, more than my wife, she is my life now. I am quite a changed man in many ways and for the better of course!  I love her and cherish her beyond words, not only for what she is but more so for what I become when I am with her.”

“They say, very rarely you come out of a store with an absolutely perfect bag of potatoes. In my case, I guess I was lucky to have found one!”

Truly touched,

Horax (Casper)


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