Father-Sons: Along the Way

June 19, 2021by Rajeev Hora6

Father-Sons: Along the Way

Father: We need to have a chat son.
Son: Sure Papa.
Father: Your mom and I have just come back from the Parent-Teachers meeting.
Son: Hmm.
Father: Your teacher is pretty happy with your grades, but she has one observation.
Son: Hmm
Father: I believe you spend a lot of time with that boy Pankaj.
Son: Yes Papa, he is my best friend.
Father: Your teacher says Pankaj is a very mischievous, ill mannered and indisciplined child.
Son: Hmm. I have not really understood but Papa is your worry that in his company, I will become like him?
Father: Yeah well, you have put it quite exactly.
Son: I now understand Papa, but have you considered the possibility that in my company, he may become like me?
Papa: Hmmm. Well not quite.


Son: Papa can we have a small chat please?
Father: Sure son. What do you want to talk about?
Son: Papa, do you remember when we were leaving for the outing in the morning, I asked you whether you can buy me a ‘Car with remote controls’ today?
Father: Yes, I do son.
Son: And you had replied, “Get ready fast, we will see”.
Father: Yeah, quite right.
Son: Papa, we have just come back after five hours from the MG Road after shopping, lunch and everything as planned. But you just didn’t buy me the car for some reason.
Father: Well son, sorry missed that out. Will see next time.
Son: Papa, do you mind my asking whether you had any intention of buying that car when we were leaving home in the morning?
Father: Hmm. You are right son, honestly I didn’t have any intention of buying you that car today.
Son: If that was the case, I can’t figure out why you didn’t tell  me that in the morning. I might have felt bad for a couple of minutes but then I wouldn’t have trudged behind you with expectations for five hours only to have my hopes dashed even after that.
Father: I am sorry son. I will make amends next time.
Son: Papa, yesterday you taught me about never to keep people in the grey zone. I feel I am still in the grey.
Father: I get it son. Next time we go shopping, you will get your car.
Son: Thank you Papa.


Father: I have been trying to teach you these Maths problems for three days now, but you just don’t seem to get it. You just don’t understand for some reason.
Son: I am sorry Papa but I am really trying very hard.
Father: Either you are distracted or just not trying. I am just fed up. Or maybe you are just simply dim. I just can’t think of anything else!
Son: Papa if you don’t mind my saying, but all along I get a feeling that you are not teaching properly. I don’t want to sound hurtful but you are not quite making yourself understood.
Father: Hmm. I understand now son. Go play. We will try again in the evening.


Son: Papa, Sumit is very good at studies. He always gets his answers right and comes first in the class.
Father: Son, every child is different, you should not be comparing yourself with anyone.
Son: You mean you are okay with the marks that I get?
Father: Absolutely son, As long as you have done your best it is perfectly okay. After all, everyone can’t come first in the class.
Son: I have got 37 out of 50 this time in Maths.
Father: Well that is quite nice. It is quite an improvement from last time.
Son: Thank you Papa.
Father: By the way, how much did Sumit get?
Son: You said something Papa?
Father: No, no, nothing. It is absolutely okay. Was just thinking aloud.


Father: How was school today Son?
Son: Cool.
Father: The school bus was delayed. I hope you reached in time?
Son: Cool.
Father: Is the lunch being served at school okay?
Son: Cool.
Father: Have you made any new friends in school? How are they?
Son: Cool.
Father: Are you settling well in the History class?
Son: Cool.
Father: I am just wishing for your teenage to pass by fast like the transonic regime.
Son: Well, Duh!
Father: You don’t know Son how pleasant that sounded for a change!


Father: We need to have chat son.
Son: Sure Papa.
Father: Look son, I have this huge problem about this new fad of yours.
Son: You mean my long hair Papa.
Father: Yes, I mean these very long hair of yours. They are almost touching your shoulders. Don’t you find it ridiculous? I have never kept hair more than two inches long. I suggest you do something about it.
Son: Papa, may I ask you a few questions, if you don’t mind?
Papa: Sure, go ahead.
Son: Papa do I do drugs?
Father: Absolutely not.
Son: Do I smoke?
Father: No son.
Son: Do I consume booze?
Father: Well, No.
Son: Do I go around like a lazy ill-dressed vagabond?
Father: Not at all.
Son: Have there ever been any adverse remarks about my studies?
Father: No , never.
Son: Do I look after my health?
Father: Yes son, undoubtedly.
Son: Have I ever embarrassed you in any way?
Father: No, never.
Son: Then Papa, if all this much is okay, don’t you think I have the right to choose the length of my hair which I consider an integral part of my body?
Father: Got it son. Never again will this subject be broached. As an afterthought, actually they don’t look so bad after all.


: Son, your teacher called up today.
Son: I hope nothing earth shattering has happened Papa.
Father: No, no everything is fine. In fact, she called to appreciate you.
Son: Me?
Father: Yeah, about an incident in class where you went and reported to the teacher about the couple of extra marks she had given to you by mistake. I believe she appreciated you in front of the whole class.
Son: She sure did papa. But no big deal.
Father: Son, I am also very happy with your decision. But tell me, did you report the extra marks because you wanted the teacher’s appreciation or you genuinely felt that those two marks did not belong to you?
Son: Hmmm, Papa you ask very difficult questions.


Few Years Later………..


Son: What is a bias Papa?
Father: A bias is a tendency, inclination, or prejudice toward or against something or someone, especially one that is preconceived or unreasoned.
Son: Do you have any biases Papa?
Father: Hmm, Son you ask very difficult questions.



Unforgettable over the years,

Horax (Casper)

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  • Anonymous

    June 16, 2024 at 5:15 am

    Nostalgia, children grow up very fast , miss these conversations. 👍


  • Anonymous

    June 16, 2024 at 5:49 am

    Incisive ones Hora Sir!


  • Anurag

    June 16, 2024 at 6:08 am

    Nostalgic everyday, every home conversations documented well.


  • Sundar

    June 16, 2024 at 11:59 am

    Horax – cute or what? And as my sons remind me – Happy Father’s Day for the 1% ( but important) contribution to their birth / existence is ( Smiley)


  • Pramod Athawale

    June 16, 2024 at 1:12 pm

    Simple, sensitive and meaningful chats. Well put across!


  • AVM C N Ranganath

    June 17, 2024 at 11:54 am

    Lucky are the children who have had these conversations. The only conversation I had was with the stick in my father’s hand!!!


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