Conflict is inevitable but living with it is not. We at Seek Mediation look forward to getting your commercial and family disputes settled ‘out of court’ speedily, amicably and inexpensively. We will help you achieve acceptable solutions and logical conclusions without exorbitant litigation costs.

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“Do not hold your present and your future ransom to your past.” – Raj H

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Multi-spectrum mediation and conciliation services you can trust. We follow a unique collaborative approach to dispute resolution by involving highly-qualified domain specialists in the resolution process.

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Our mission is to work towards a more peaceful world by resolving conflicts and improving lives. We help our clients reach lasting ‘out of court’ settlements in a professional and safe environment.


Air Vice Marshal Rajeev Hora (Retd)

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Our mission is to make a difference and improve lives. We provide our members natural alternatives in a professional and safe environment.

Air Vice Marshal Rajeev Hora (Retd)

Confidential and Safe
We respect your privacy concerns and are committed to ensuring total confidentiality. Anything shared in the mediation process is held ‘Without Prejudice’ i. e cannot be presented as evidence during litigation.
Speedy and Inexpensive
Don’t get bogged down with over-crowded courts. Mediation is hassle-free and relatively very speedy. We work at your pace and availability to reach mutually acceptable solutions at a fraction of litigation costs.
Solutions with Consent
No agreement is reached without your consent. We provide the catalyst action but you are in control of your decisions at all times during the mediation process. No one can ever influence you to agree against your will.
Friendly and Cordial
You will find the entire mediation process friendly and cordial. We earnestly try to ensure that disputes should not lead to breakdown in relationships. In fact, many a times, our services have helped improve relations.

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Avinash Gupta

I have worked with the Seek Mediation team for quite a while. They have always far exceeded my expectations. Simply put, they are a world class outfit.


We just cannot believe it.  Our family dispute had been lingering for the last one decade. Got resolved in four sessions!

I J Sikand

I have worked with mediation consultants before, but I have never seen a group which is so dedicated and committed to their cause. Very professional indeed.


I never knew disputes could be resolved so easily and economically. At the end of the day, it was win-win for all of us.

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